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Our Unique Story

Our Unique Story is a true love story. Sisters Zoe and Tessa deeply love chocolate and know from experience its tremendous health benefits, as a polyphenols super food, and so began their search for the finest chocolate the world has to offer.

Welcome to Belmont Estates in Grenada   An environmentally friendly, single site estate producing the very finest organic chocolate the world has to offer. Belmont Estate's cocoa beans are meticulously grown and follow ancestral traditions in the way they are farmed, harvested, fermented and sun dried. The chocolate is ‘aged’ for three months to release and accentuate the intrinsic delicate cocoa notes and balance the flavours to perfection. The small batch production focuses on quality, selecting only the very finest beans to craft a delicious, healthy and truly luxurious chocolate.

Zoe And Tessa's found their love and now they bring the quality and health benefits of Belmont Estates Chocolate to you to enjoy.