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Steak infused with organic chocolate nibs

Steak infused with organic chocolate nibs

Here is a recipe that at first you think maybe nuts but at the end of the meal you will wonder why haven’t
tried this before.


2-choice highly quality cuts of steak. I prefer T-Bone but Sirloin or any other cut will work just as fine.

Heat your BBQ to 500 Degreed F.

As your BBQ is reaching its peak temperature take your organic chocolate nibs from and put them in a clean pepper grinder. Grind the fresh organic
chocolate nibs over your steaks until you see a slight dusting on both sides of your steak.

Once your BBQ reaches the desired temp of 500F lay your steaks on the BBQ and start cooking.

Cook the steaks as you prefer occasionally putting fresh organic chocolate nib powder on them.

Its important to use organic chocolate nibs from our store since other chocolate nibs will be too sweet.
Our chocolate nibs are rich in their nutty taste and will add a fabulous and rich taste to your steak.

Serve with your choice of side and enjoy to the fullest.

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